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The best mosquito repellent that worked for me in India is called odomos!

You can find this odomos lotion in small street shops when you are in India.

I always used the lotion, but it also comes in spray.


It will depend on where you go, but I think nowadays dengue fever is the bigger mosquito threat compared to malaria on India’s backpacker tourist trail – but I’m no public health expert and I’m not saying this based on any research that’s been done!

I’m saying this based on hearing more random stories about foreigners getting dengue fever.

Personally I haven’t heard of foreigners getting malaria really.

It’s not really a lot, 3 dengue compared to 0 malaria, but it still makes dengue fever feel more real!

Maybe it’s because there are more precautions being taken for malaria (aka malaria pills).

Currently there’s nothing you can really take to prevent dengue fever. 

Of course, your risk for getting malaria in India or your risk for getting dengue fever in India also depends on where in India your travels are taking you, and when.

And this is also why it’s best to get travel insurance for India, just in case!

Make sure you get travel insurance that will include coverage if you contract a mosquito-borne illness.


For me, if I were to be concerned about mosquitoes, I would be more concerned about dengue fever anyway.

More than anything, mosquitoes can just be annoying. 

But there’s no need to load up on DEET from home when you come to India.

Maybe you want to have a small spray bottle to hold you over until you make it to a street shop in India (which are everywhere) but otherwise, wait until India to buy mosquito repellent!



How to prevent mosquito bites in India?!

Best mosquito repellent for India travel from US or from UK. How to prevent mosquito bites best ways. prevention for malaria or dengue fever. India travel blog


There is a mosquito cream (or lotion or spray) called odomos!

And I have found that it has worked really well for me!

Why do I say that?!

There have been times that I would wait until mosquitoes would start biting me to put on odomos.

Well, after I put it on, no more mosquitoes! To me, that’s proof. πŸ˜‰

But of course, your experience may vary.

You can find odomos at street shops all over India to try it for yourself! It will likely cost you less than US$1.

It’s a natural repellent, and it has vitamin E and almond oil in it too… meaning it’s good for your skin too. πŸ˜‰

And it can also be a good idea to wear long clothes so you have less exposed skin for the mosquitoes to find!

Sunrise or sunset are generally said to be when mosquitoes are most active.


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Best mosquito repellent for India travel from US or from UK. How to prevent mosquito bites best ways. prevention for malaria or dengue fever. India travel blog



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