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Kerala is a coastal state in the south of India with a laid-back vibe to it, and it’s best known for the Kerala backwaters, tea plantations, and ayurvedic holistic wellness. Kerala literally means land of coconuts, and you will find lots of coconut trees in Kerala, and with that comes coconut-based food!

The goal of this Flashpacking Kerala website is to give you confidence in traveling around Kerala and the rest of India on your own!

India has a reputation for being a difficult place to travel for foreigners. My aim is to show you that travel around India as a foreigner doesn’t have to be as scary or as hard as you may think, even if you’re backpacking India alone! I believe that once you know the basics, India is actually quite a convenient place for independent travel! After all, there are over 1 BILLION people in India. Locals need to get places too! So there’s always a bus or train to go somewhere! Great for you as an independent traveler!

This is not to say that travel in India will always be easy. Just know that any difficulty or frustration you encounter is NORMAL! Just always remember, THIS IS INDIA.

Not that I’ve been everywhere, but I imagine that being a country of 1 billion people, India is unlike any other place in the world. It might take you a week or 2 (or more) to get used to India, but once you do start to get to know the ways, it can be easy! (Or, you know, you may hate it. India is not for everyone.)

I’m American. My first trip to India (and Kerala!) was when I was 22 years old. I’ve visited nearly 40 countries, and India is #3 on the list of countries I’ve spent the most time in. The longest time I’ve spent in India at once is just under 6 months. I believe that Kerala is the best! 😁

Seriously though, if it’s your first trip to India, I recommend starting in Kerala. Kerala is still India of course, so it has its typical Indian ways. But overall it’s less chaotic than the big cities in North India, so you can ease into the more chaotic India!


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