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So if you’re thinking about taking a bus from Mumbai to Udaipur, that means that you can follow this 2 week Rajasthan itinerary!


Mumbai to Udaipur by bus, train, or flight. Best way to get from Mumbai to Rajasthan. Udaipr to Mumbai. Udaipur to Rajasthan. Backpacking India


It includes a 3-day Udaipur itinerary, as well as a one day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

I went from Mumbai to Udaipur by bus.

And then once in Rajasthan, I did Udaipur to Chittorgarh by bus as a day trip, and then onwards from Udaipur to Jodhpur by bus, then a local train, and then an overnight train for my final stop in Rajasthan.

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How to get to Udaipur from Mumbai

The route between Mumbai and Udaipur isn’t the most popular, compared to some routes in Rajasthan.

This means your transportation options are a little bit more limited for travel between the two cities.

But it can still be pretty convenient to get from Mumbai to Udaipur.

There are 3 transportation methods you can choose from, depending on your preference. None of them would really be considered a bad option. It’s more about your travel preference.


Mumbai to Udaipur by bus, train, or flight. Best way to get from Mumbai to Rajasthan. Backpacking India


Mumbai to Udaipur transportation options:


Mumbai to Udaipur by bus

Mumbai to Udaipur bus by overnight sleeper bus to Rajasthan. Backpacking India


In some ways, it can feel more convenient to travel by bus in India because you can get away without as much planning in advance compared to trains that can sell out weeks ahead of time.

With the Mumbai to Udaipur bus, you’ll most likely be fine to book it just a few days in advance, although of course it can give you more peace of mind booking it sooner if you’re confident in your travel plans.

Booking your bus ticket ahead of time could mean a better seat selection, which could be helpful for a longer bus journey like this one.

My preference would be to have a bottom bunk/sleeper and towards the front of the bus – and when traveling alone, you’ll want to go for a single sleeper and not a double.


Overnight sleeper bus from Mumbai to Udaipur

Mumbai to Udaipur overnight sleeper bus. Backpacking India


If you’re taking the bus to Udaipur from Mumbai, an overnight sleeper bus can make sense because of the distance.

It will likely be more than 13 hours on the bus, but you’ll be sleeping for some of the time too, and you’ll save a night on accommodation.

See more of what it’s like to travel by sleeper bus in India.



How to book a bus ticket

I searched for bus tickets from Mumbai to Udaipur through the redbus website, and I also booked the bus ticket through redbus too.

An overnight sleeper bus ticket for Mumbai to Udaipur will probably cost around 1,900 rupees (US$30). So it will be around that price in the opposite direction for Udaipur to Mumbai by bus too. 

When you look at the types of buses, if you see 2+1, the “1” indicates a single berth, and the “2” means you’ll be sharing with someone.

So if you’re traveling alone, be sure to book a single.

See photos of what the sleeper seats look like.

Most of the bus companies seem to have pretty bad reviews (2 or 3 stars). I didn’t really use the reviews as a factor in which bus to book.

I pretty much just booked a bus based on the type of bus or type of seat I could get. AC volvo or scania seem to be the ones to go with for long-distance bus travel.



Where is the Mumbai bus stand?!

Mumbai to Udaipur bus stand near rickshaw stand. Backpacking India



So the overnight sleeper bus that you take from Mumbai to Udaipur will be with a private bus company.

And with taking a bus through a private company, it can sometimes be a bit confusing knowing where to go to catch your bus.

Mumbai is a BIG sprawling city, and there are lots of bus pick-up locations to choose from in Mumbai.

So I think the best thing to do is to google the different locations to figure out which one will be closest to where you’re staying. (Be sure to have a look at the best hostels in Mumbai.)

Also be sure to make a note of the contact number of the bus company that’s provided. This can be a reliable way to reach a worker on the bus or the bus company itself.

Even if you don’t have a phone to make a call, hopefully you’ll be able to find someone that will let you use their phone.


A lot of times the bus pick-up locations are seemingly in random locations and even the description feels somewhat vague.


Mumbai to Udaipur bus stand. Backpacking India


The best thing to do once you get to the general area of your bus stop is to ask the shop owners that are around. There is a good chance that they will know, or that one of them will.

Rickshaw drivers will probably know too.

And another thing to keep in mind as you’re waiting for your bus – Mumbai traffic! I think my bus was delayed by at least an hour.

I was staying in the Fort area of South Mumbai, and I took a bus from Sion.

I got to the area by Uber several hours early and watched a movie at a nearby movie theater before taking the bus in the evening.



More ways to get to Udaipur from Mumbai


Mumbai to Udaipur by train

Mumbai to Udaipur train. Mumbai to Rajasthan train. Backpacking India


Now, once again, getting to Udaipur from Mumbai isn’t as popular of a route so your options are more limited.

This also means that tickets may be harder to come by. (As in, you need to book well in advance.)


That said, there are direct trains between Mumbai and Udaipur which makes it pretty convenient.

These seemed to be the 2 best trains to take on the Mumbai to Udaipur route:

  • Mumbai Bandra to Udaipur City SuperFast Express
    • Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Depart Mumbai 3:50pm – Arrive Udaipur 8:55am (17+ hours)
    • 2AC train fare: 1,800 rupees (US$30)
  • Mumbai Bandra to Udaipur City SuperFast Express
    • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    • Depart Mumbai 11:25pm – Arrive Udaipur 4:20pm (17 hours)
    • 2AC train fare: 1,800 rupees (US$30)

It’s always a plus to be able get on a train at the station the route originates since it’s less likely there will be delays for departure time.


But, as this is a long distance train, you’ll want to be sure to book in advance before tickets sell out.

I like to use trainman to see what the availability of a train is.

At the time I checked, it seems that the train that runs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday was always booked up more than the train that runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for around the same dates.


Check train timings:



Mumbai to Udaipur flight

Mumbai to Udaipur flight. Mumbai to Rajasthan flight. Backpacking India


The quickest way to get to Udaipur from Mumbai would be to fly.

There are direct flights from Mumbai to Udaipur, and the flight time is around 1.5 hours.

You may be able to find flights for as low as 3,000 rupees (US$45) depending on when you fly.

Have a look at makemytrip to search for flights to Udaipur.



Okay, so now that you (hopefully) feel more comfortable about traveling from Mumbai to Udaipur…

What to do when you’re there?!


Top 3 things to do in Mumbai


1. Walk along Marine Drive for dolphin spotting

Udaipur to Mumbai itinerary. Best things to do in Mumbai: Tour walk of Marine Drive. Backpacking India


2. Visit Gateway of India

Udaipur to Mumbai itinerary. Best things to do in Mumbai: Tour walk of Gateway of India and see Taj Mahal hotel. Backpacking India


3. Walk around Colaba and South Mumbai

Udaipur to Mumbai itinerary. Best things to do in Mumbai: Tour walk of Colaba and South Mumbai. Backpacking India



Top 3 things to do in Udaipur


1. Visit City Palace

Mumbai to Udaipur itinerary for Rajasthan. Best things to do in Udaipur: Visit City Palace. Backpacking India


2. Go for a boat ride to an island palace

Mumbai to Udaipur itinerary for Rajasthan. Best things to do in Udaipur: Lake Pichola boat ride. Backpacking India


3. Eat at a restaurant with lake views

Mumbai to Udaipur itinerary for Rajasthan. Best things to do in Udaipur: Restaurants with lake views. Backpacking India


See more of the best places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days.




How to spend 2 weeks in Rajasthan


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