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The airport near Alleppey is in Cochin.


There is no airport in Alleppey, but you have a couple of options for flying into Kerala so that you can get to Alleppey as your first stop in Kerala!


Airports near Alleppey. Alleppey to Cochin airport. Alleppey to Trivandrum airport. Backpacking Kerala, India.


The 2 airports closest to Alleppey:

  • Kochi – Cochin Airport (COK)
  • Thiruvananthapuram – Trivandrum Airport (TRV)


Cochin airport would be the airport for central Kerala.

Trivandrum airport would be the airport for south Kerala.


There are also 2 more airports, in north Kerala:

  • Kozhikode – Calicut airport (CCJ)
  • Kannur airport (CNN)


But when you’re traveling on the backpacker’s trail in Kerala, Cochin and Trivandrum are the 2 airports to know about.


If Alleppey is your goal, then Cochin airport is your obvious choice.

But if you’ve already booked your flight to Kerala into or out of Trivandrum airport without thinking about how close it is to Alleppey, no problem.

It’s easy enough to get from Alleppey to Trivandrum airport too. And, it can be an excuse to go to another worthy Kerala destination en route. 😉


So now…


And Alleppey can be a perfect part of one week in Kerala!


Airports near Alleppey: Kerala airports. Central Kerala. South Kerala. Backpacking Kerala, India


Alleppey to Cochin Airport (Central Kerala)

Airports near Alleppey: How to get from Alleppey to Cochin airport. Or Cochin airport to Alleppey. Backpacking Kerala, India


The most convenient airport to Alleppey is the Cochin Airport. This airport is actually located outside of the main part of Cochin. It’s around an hour drive from the main tourist area of Fort Cochin to Cochin Airport.



Alleppey to Cochin airport by taxi

How much does it cost?

A taxi from Alleppey to Cochin airport is around 2,000 rupees (US$30) and is around a 2.5 hour drive.

It can be best to ask your Alleppey guesthouse to book a taxi for you.


Alleppey to Cochin airport by bus

Bus is always a convenient option for traveling around Kerala since there are frequent timings between major cities. There are direct buses from Alleppey to Cochin Airport, but there are limited timings.

If you can’t manage to catch a direct bus because the bus timings don’t match your flight time, there are other options you can take by bus.

You’ll just go through cities in which there are more frequent bus timings.

You can take a bus from Alleppey to Aluva, and then catch another bus onwards.

Buses between Cochin Airport and Aluva, as well as Aluva and Alleppey, are frequent enough for this to be a reliable option.

You may also consider a rickshaw between Aluva and the airport (15-20 minutes) since it’s a short distance. The bus between Alleppey and Aluva is around 2 hours.

If you’re taking a bus from Alleppey to the airport, ask the guesthouse you’re staying at for confirmation about the best route and for bus timings.

Here’s what area of Alleppey to stay based on what you’re looking for.


Alleppey to Cochin airport by train

Another option that’s available is to take the train to or from Cochin Airport.

Trains are more limited compared to buses, but you can also look at taking the train as an option to get to the airport from Alleppey.

The closest train station to the Cochin airport is Aluva. You can find train timings through the trainman app.

Similar to taking the bus, for the rest of the journey between Aluva and the airport you can take a bus or rickshaw. Taking a rickshaw to the airport from Aluva would be the most convenient.


Alleppey to Trivandrum Airport (South Kerala)

Airports near Alleppey: How to get from Alleppey to Trivandrum airport. Or Trivandrum airport to Alleppey. Backpacking Kerala, India


Trivandrum is also called Thiruvananthapuram.

The Cochin Airport is definitely the most convenient airport near Alleppey.

So it wouldn’t be ideal to fly into Trivandrum if you’ll only be visiting Alleppey, and it wouldn’t be ideal if you’re flying out of Alleppey.

But if you’ve booked your flight without thinking much of the details, it’s not too bad to get to Trivandrum airport from Alleppey, or the other way around.

If you want to go straight from Trivandrum Airport to Alleppey, it will likely be around a 4 hour journey at least.

If I were doing this trip, I’d probably go for the train. Again, have a look at the trainman app for the train timings.

The best option would be to take a rickshaw from the airport to Trivandrum train station.


If you don’t mind taking a couple of days to go from Alleppey to Trivandrum, consider:

Or if you’re going in the opposite direction from Trivandrum to Alleppey:

  • Train from near Trivandrum Airport to Varkala
  • Spend a day or 2 in Varkala
  • Take an early morning bus (requires a transfer) or train from Varkala to Kollam
  • Take the tourist ferry from Kollam to Alleppey




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