Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: How to get to Rajasthan from Goa, best way. Backpacking India. Public transportation by bus, by train, by flight


If you’re making Goa and Rajasthan a part of your India backpacking trip itinerary, it can be a good plan to go from Goa beaches to Rajasthan forts and palaces.

Although, Goa beaches to the Kerala backwaters might be better. 😉 So see how to make Goa to Kerala happen.



First, a list of each of the top places to visit to consider making a part of your Rajasthan itinerary.

Then, a little bit of info on how to get to Rajasthan from Goa:

And if you’ll be flying into Goa, see how much a taxi costs from Goa airport.


Also see more about getting around Rajasthan, including taking a bus, local train, and overnight long-distance train.


Best places to make a part of your Rajasthan itinerary when backpacking in India


1. Jaipur (pink city)

Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: Goa to Jaipur train or flight. Backpacking India


2. Udaipur (city of lakes)

Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: Goa to Udaipur bus or train or flight. Backpacking India


3. Jodhpur (blue city)

Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: Goa to Jodhpur train or flight. Backpacking India


4. Jaisalmer (golden city)
Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: Goa to Jaisalmer flight. Backpacking India


5. Thar Desert

Goa to Rajasthan itinerary: Goa to Jaisalmer flight for overnight camel safari desert tour. Backpacking India


So how much time do you need to visit these places in Rajasthan?

With this 2 week Rajasthan itinerary, you can make it 3 days in Udaipur, 2 days in Jodhpur, 3 days in Jaisalmer, 3 days in Jaipur, and one day in Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.



So now, how to get to Rajasthan from Goa…

Is there anything on the way from Goa to Rajasthan?

If you’re looking to break up your overland journey between Goa and Rajasthan, the best place to stop by is Mumbai.

It can be easy to get from Goa to Mumbai.

From Mumbai to Rajasthan, you can’t exactly say there are tons of options, but still it can be convenient enough.




What’s the best way to get from Goa to Rajasthan?!



Goa to Rajasthan by bus

Goa to Rajasthan by bus: Goa to Mumbai bus, Mumbai to Udaipur bus. Overnight sleeper bus. Backpacking India


The bus really isn’t a good option… IF you’re looking to go straight from Goa to Rajasthan.

The distance between the 2 states is a bit long, and there are no direct buses. (It’ll take over 24 hours to drive.)



If you DO want to make a stop in Mumbai, the bus CAN be a good option!

I went by bus to get from Goa to Rajasthan.

So, what’s the best way when looking to head north by bus only?


How to get from Goa to Rajasthan by bus

  • Overnight bus from Goa to Mumbai (11+ hours, 800 rupees / US$15 for sleeper bus)
  • Spend a day or more in Mumbai
  • Overnight bus from Mumbai to Udaipur (13+ hours, 1,800 / US$30 rupees for sleeper bus)


And then once you get to Udaipur, you can follow this exact 2-week Rajasthan itinerary that starts in Udaipur!



Why might you consider taking the bus instead of the train?

Long distance trains can sometimes require planning well in advance as trains often sell out. (If you’re going a short distance, or you’re taking the train during the day only, you don’t necessarily need to book train tickets in advance if you don’t mind riding in general class.)

So the bus can be a more convenient option when you’re not looking to plan out your India backpacking itinerary weeks ahead of time.

Taking an overnight sleeper bus can also save on one night of accommodation too.

And finally, if you don’t want to fly, and you don’t want to spend all day on a train, going by bus can break up the journey.


Bus stands in Goa

You’ll be able to find a bus to Mumbai from both North Goa and South Goa:

  • Mapusa (north)
  • Panjim (north/central)
  • Madgaon/Margao (south)


You can check for overnight sleeper buses on redbus. (If you’re not sure yet whether you’ll be staying in North Goa or South Goa, you can just type in Goa, and all options will come up.)



Goa to Rajasthan by train

Goa to Rajasthan train. Backpacking India


Train stations in Goa

The 2 main train stations in Goa that will be helpful to know about:

  • Thivim in North Goa
  • Margao (Madgaon) in South Goa

So depending on which beach you’ll be leaving Goa from, you can look up possible train routes.


Train stations in Rajasthan

All the major cities in Rajasthan have train stations, but not all cities will have trains from Goa pass through them.


These will be among your best options when looking to take a train from Goa:

You might also consider a Goa to Delhi train.


Check trainman for specific train options from Goa.


You can expect to be on the train for at least 27 hours, possibly several hours longer if your train experiences delays.

For a long train journey, a reservation in 2AC class can be a good balance between comfort and price. You can also give 3AC a try. 1AC will be the most expensive, but you will be sharing your compartment with less people.

The train fare will likely be around 2,500 to 2,800 rupees (around US$45) for a 2AC train ticket from Goa to Rajasthan.


Since these are overnight trains, it’s best to reserve train tickets in advance.



Goa to Rajasthan flight

Goa to Rajasthan flight. Goa airports and Rajasthan airports. Backpacking India


The distance between Goa and Rajasthan can naturally make flying a more time-efficient option compared to overland transportation options.


Airport in Goa

There’s one airport in Goa, and that’s located in South Goa, but not too far from Panjim in central Goa:

  • Goa airport GOI


Airports in Rajasthan

Rajasthan also has a number of airports:

  • Jaipur JAI
  • Udaipur UDR
  • Jodhpur JDH
  • Jaisalmer JSA

You might also want to consider flying into Delhi as well.


Some airports in Rajasthan offer more flights than others, which can influence the cost of flights.

Currently there are no direct flights between Goa and Rajasthan.

This means that you will have at least one layover.

Even so, flying can be a better option when time in transit and comfort are priorities.


How much is a flight from Goa to Rajasthan?

The season that you’re flying and how far in advance you buy your flight tickets can make a difference in airline prices.

But in general, you may be able to find a flight from Goa to Rajasthan for under US$100, and you’ll likely be able to find a flight for under US$150 to any of the airports in Rajasthan.

Check makemytrip for specific flight options from Goa.




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