Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Best beaches in South Goa. Backpacking Goa, India


If you’re looking for a simple location in Goa without as many people as the more popular beaches of Goa, you just may want to consider Agonda Beach!


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Here are a few things that can make Agonda Beach one of the best beaches in South Goa!


1. You can stay at a beach hut in Goa

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Sea-facing beach huts. Backpacking South Goa, India.


For a unique experience, staying in a beach hut in Goa can be one of the best types of places to stay!

So, if you’re looking for a different type of experience in India, consider staying at a beach hut in Agonda.

There are huts at a few different beaches in Goa. And in Agonda, you’ll find tons of them lining the beach outside of monsoon season.

There are a few different types of beach huts, including sea-facing huts and garden-facing huts.

You can find budget-friendly huts for solo travelers, and some for families too. So they really can be for everyone.


Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Best beaches in South Goa. Backpacking Goa, India



2. You can eat at beachfront restaurants

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Best restaurants with beach views. Backpacking South Goa, India.


What’s better than waking up to the ocean when you step outside of your front door?!

Eating with a view of the ocean. Okay, maybe waking up to the ocean is better. 😉

Still, being able to have all your meals with that view isn’t so bad either!



3. You can go for a beach walk and you might be able to spot starfish on the beach

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Starfish on the beach. Backpacking South Goa, India.


At low tide, there opens up a wide stretch of sand along the beach.

And with it come starfish that may be washed up.



4. You can avoid the crowds

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Not crowded beach in Goa. Backpacking South Goa, India.


If you like to escape the crowds, Agonda Beach can be one of the best beaches in Goa.

Now, with beach huts lining Agonda Beach, this means there are bound to be people.

But there generally aren’t so many people that you will feel like it’s crowded compared to popular North Goa beaches, or even compared to Palolem Beach that’s just to the south of Agonda.



5. You can play at a beach and ride the waves

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Water sports in South Goa. Backpacking South Goa, India.


If you’re staying in one of the beach huts near the ocean, you will probably hear the waves crashing at night!

A perk of those ocean waves?

They can make for tons of fun in the water!

So, what are some ways you can ride the waves?!

You can have fun with some water sports in South Goa!

  1. Get in the water and let the waves take you for a ride!
  2. Get a boogie board and go body boarding
  3. Get a surfboard and go surfing, or take your first surfing lesson!


Body boarding in South Goa

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Body boarding. Backpacking South Goa, India.


With body boarding, you ride the waves on top of the bodyboard.

The waves in Agonda can be small enough to be beginner-friendly, so this could be a good place to try it out for the first time if you’ve never done it before.


Where can you rent bodyboards in Agonda?

The beach hut you stay at may provide you bodyboards for free.

But if not, have a look to Aloha Surf India as a place to rent bodyboards.

This is located on the south end of Agonda Beach on the road that runs parallel to the beach. It’s listed on Google maps.


How much does it cost to rent bodyboards?

  • 100 rupees per hour – US$2
  • 300 rupees for the whole day – US$5
  • You can also rent out the boards for several days at a time

Rental prices are subject to change! These prices are from 2017.

There may be a limited supply and the boards could get all rented out, or the shop might be closed because they are gone surfing, so it’s best to call ahead!

Aloha Surf phone number: +91 7083667187


Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Surfing in South Goa: Aloha Surf school phone number. Backpacking South Goa, India.


Surfing in South Goa

And then of course, the same place that you can rent bodyboards can give you a chance to go surfing in South Goa too!


Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Surfing lessons cost is how much? Backpacking South Goa, India.


There is a surf instructor here so you can take a surfing lesson at Agonda Beach.

It can be a good beginner’s beach if you’ve never surfed before.


What makes Agonda Beach good for beginner surfers?

While Agonda Beach may never be able to compete with other major international surfing destinations, the beaches of Goa can be good for beginners to take surfing lessons.

There are times in which the waves can be big enough to allow for low-key surfing to take place, while at the same time, small enough that make it beginner-friendly.


Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Surfboard rental cost is how much? Backpacking South Goa, India.


How much does it cost for a surfing lesson?

  • 1,500 rupees per person as a group lesson with 2 or more people – US$22
  • 2,000 rupees as an individual private lesson if you are solo – US$30
  • This price includes a 90 minute surfing lesson with your instructor, as well as the surfboard rental

Once again, lesson prices are subject to change and as of 2017!


Water sports in Goa during monsoon season

If body boarding or taking surf lessons is one of the main reasons you’re planning a trip to Goa, make sure it’s outside of monsoon season.

Not only do water sports get banned from the beaches of Goa during monsoon, but the conditions can get too dangerous for beginners anyway.



6. You can consult the ocean conditions with the lifeguards on duty for safe swimming

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Lifeguards for safe swimming. Backpacking South Goa, India.


Now, the waves that make for good body boarding and surfing are also the same waves that can make for dangerous conditions in the water.

So be sure that you take proper caution!

This includes heeding the warnings of the lifeguards.

This is one of the many beaches in Goa that is staffed with lifeguards.

So while FUN is a big goal in Goa, your safety is a pretty big goal too!


Be safe when swimming!

Take caution when riding the waves in the ocean no matter which option you choose.

When in doubt about the strength of the ocean, you can consult one of the many lifeguards that are lined on the beaches of Agonda.



7. You can visit a beach that’s rated among the best secret beaches in the world

Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Best secret beaches in the world. Backpacking South Goa, India, Asia.


Travel and Leisure Magazine has over 3 million followers on their Instagram account.

Not only did a beach in India make the Travel and Leisure Magazine’s list of best secret beaches in the world…

Not only did a beach in Goa make the list…

But yes, Agonda Beach in South Goa made the list for the best secret beaches in the world!

This must be reason enough to consider Agonda Beach for your next trip to Goa? 😉


Best things to do in Agonda Beach. Best beach huts in South Goa. Backpacking Goa, India




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