Best tours in Oahu: Best activities in Oahu with prices and things to do on Hawaii vacation




Really, there are WAY too many activities on Oahu too choose from!

If you’re in Hawaii on a budget, there are plenty of free or cheap things to do that can make for a memorable vacation.

But if you have some extra room in your budget after buying your flight to Hawaii and booking your hotel in Waikiki, then these paid Oahu tours can definitely make your Hawaii vacation even more memorable!

And these experiences might even become the single best thing you during your first trip to Hawaii.

If you’re looking for week-long experiences, there are also multi-day surf camps and yoga retreats.



What are the best tours on Oahu that you MUST consider?!


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1. Swimming with tropical marine life

Best Oahu tours: Snorkeling with turtles. Swimming with dolphins. Boat ride cruise for whale watching tour. How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


Well you know that Hawaii is known for its marine life.

That could be turtles, it could be dolphins, it could be schools of colorful fish.

You have options on how you want to see underwater life, and whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable part of your vacation.

Snorkeling in Hawaii is among the top things to do during a first trip to the Hawaiian islands.

And you could make it snorkeling with turtles and swimming with dolphins!

If you book one of these tours, you’ll want to make sure you put some snorkeling clothes and sunscreen like Sun Bum reef-safe sunscreen or Neutrogena reef-safe sunscreen on your Hawaii packing list!


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Or, if you prefer not to get wet or you prefer to see the ocean wildlife from the comfort of a seat, you can also go for an underwater submarine tour.


Free snorkeling on Oahu?!

There are some snorkeling spots on Oahu that you can swim with colorful tropical fish, and maybe see some turtles swimming if you’re lucky.

You can try Queen’s Beach in Waikiki or Shark’s Cove on the North Shore for free beaches. Hanauma Bay, among the best beaches on Oahu, is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on the island, although there’s a small fee.

With a snorkeling tour that’s dubbed for seeing specific marine life, you’ll have a better chance at seeing the turtles or dolphins that will really get you excited. (And you almost certainly won’t be seeing any dolphins at these snorkeling spots.)



2. Surf lessons for beginners

Best Oahu tours: Best surf lessons for beginners surfing on North Shore Oahu or Waikiki Beach. Private or group tour. How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


This is another one you should really consider.

You are in Hawaii after all!

You can find world-class waves in Hawaii, so it can only be fitting that you learn to surf in the very place that world-class surf competitions take place.

There are even week-long surf camps in Hawaii.

But when you just want to get a taste for surfing, there are surf lessons that will only take up half of your day too.

The North Shore of Oahu is THE spot for surfing in the winter, and you can find lessons there throughout the year.

But if you’re staying in Waikiki and Honolulu, it’s about an hour’s drive up to the North Shore.

So if you want to stay closer to your Waikiki hotel, then you can get surf lessons right on Waikiki Beach too.


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3. Helicopter tour

So it can be an experience to see Hawaii underwater, and it can be a true experience to see Hawaii from above, too!

You can stay on Oahu and take a scenic helicopter ride to see Oahu’s varied landscape from above of the ocean, mountains, and waterfalls.

You can also take a day trip to Kauai (you’ll fly by plane from Honolulu to Kauai), and then you can take a scenic helicopter ride over some of the most picturesque parts in all of Hawaii like the Napali coast and Waimea Canyon.


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4. Day trip from Oahu to another Hawaiian island

Best Oahu tours: Day trip from Oahu - to Maui - to Kauai - to Big Island. Inter-island flights. How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


Well, speaking of day trips, you might as well consider the other islands too!

Each of the Hawaiian islands offer something different.

While there is definitely enough to do to spend your time only on Oahu, if you want to get a glimpse of another Hawaiian island, well, there’s a tour for that!

This will let you see the highlights of another island for a jam-packed day. (So be prepared for a long day!)


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5. Oahu circle island tour

Best Oahu tours: Oahu circle island tour scenic drive. How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


And seeing the highlights on the island of Oahu is another option!


Check price of Oahu island tour


Free circle island drive?!

Well, it’s not exactly free since you need to rent a car, but you can save some money by doing your own DIY circle island tour with a car rental.

You won’t get to know Oahu and Hawaiian culture as well as you would with a guide, but it can be an option if you want to go around the island but also spend your money on another worthy Oahu tour!



6. Pearl Harbor tour

Best Oahu tours: Pearl Harbor tour guide worth it? How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


Pearl Harbor is one of the top visited places in Hawaii for a reason!

You can go for the full Pearl Harbor experience with a tour.


Do you need a tour at Pearl Harbor?!

It’s totally possible to visit Pearl Harbor without a tour.

And it can be a worthy experience even if you don’t have a guide.

You can walk around the commemorative circle and visit the museum to read through the events that transpired.

But as with all things, you can get a better understanding of the history and the context of the Pearl Harbor attack, so in a situation like this, it could be worth it to have a guide.

And you may also consider reading up on the history of the connected events of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb attack and the Pearl Harbor attack before you go. You can have a greater appreciation for being at Pearl Harbor that way.


Check price: for families with kids or full day tour



7. Whale watching tour

The other marine life you can see when in Hawaii are whales!

If you’ll be on Oahu during whale season, you might want to go for a whale watching tour!

Generally speaking, whale season in Hawaii is from November to March.

BUT, remember that this is nature, so the whales can’t be forced to make an appearance just because you show up. 😉

And since there really is no guarantee of whale sightings, combining the whale watching with another activity that you’d enjoy could minimize your disappointment in case you don’t see whales.


Check price: boat + whales or boat + snorkel + whales


Boat cruise + whale watching

You can try this boat cruise, with an upgrade possible to have it with a meal. As per another reviewer, they might offer you a free trip the next day if you fail to see any whales on the day of your tour.


Boat ride + snorkeling and swimming with dolphins + whale watching

You can also make whale watching a real side thing by going for a snorkeling boat tour with the chance to swim with wild dolphins too – and then be happy if you see whales! That would be this snorkel boat tour.


Free whale watching?!

Without a tour, you can try testing your luck at one of the best hikes on Oahu on the Makapuu lighthouse hiking trail.

It’s a coastal trail that’s been known to have whale sightings. Although you will likely have better luck and be able to get closer on a tour, you can check out this hike if you aren’t interested in the tour.



8. Oahu photographer’s tour

Best Oahu tours: Oahu photographer's tour circle island. Whale watching tour. How much price cost. Hawaii vacation


It’s not news to you that the Hawaiian islands have sooooo many picture-worthy scenic spots.

And Oahu is no exception!

There are places all around the island, and if you’re a hobby photographer or you just like to take pretty pictures with you phone, you might like a tour in which you can spend all day going to a bunch of these places!

Well, you’ll have opportunities for pretty pictures on the Oahu circle island tour too, but going on a tour specific to photographers might be able to get you a few extra worthy shots!

Check price of photo tour


Best Oahu tours: Best activities in Oahu with prices and things to do on Hawaii vacation


And then…

What to pack for Hawaii?!

Quick packing list for snorkeling in Hawaii:

And for hiking in Hawaii…

And don’t forget the absolute BEST guide to making the most out of your Hawaii vacation – available for every Hawaiian island




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