How to prevent seasickness: On a cruise ship, small boat, fishing boat, ferry, sailboat, deep sea fishing, ocean kayaking. How to not get sea sick or motion sickness.


Whether you’re on your first cruise, on a boat ride as a part of your snorkeling tour, on a ferry, off to go fishing, sailing, or some other activity on the water, there are some things that you can do to help you with motion sickness at sea.


What cruise ship rooms to avoid?

How to prevent seasickness on a cruise. Cabins/rooms to avoid on a cruise ship. How to not get motion sickness.

If a cruise is the reason you’ll be at sea and worried about getting seasick, there are first actually a few things that you can do before you even step foot on the cruise ship.


Some of these things may help if you are prone to motion sickness:

  • Get a room that is more midship, as opposed to at the far front or far back (more stability)
  • Get a room that is on a lower deck (again, more stability)
  • Get a room with a window (allows you to look outside when you’re feeling sick)



What are some of the common remedies for seasickness?!


Many of these things are best to help prevent seasickness and things you may want to add to your travel packing list!


For a cruise packing list, be sure to see cruise formal outfit ideas, what to wear on a cruise, and what to wear snorkeling too.

And if you’ll be snorkeling or scuba diving, think about going for reef-safe sunscreen.


So, if you’re worried about seasickness, get ahead of the problem, so it won’t become a problem at all!

Other things on this list will also give tips on what to do just in case you do start to feel a little sick.


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1. Drink water

It’s best for you to stay well hydrated so keep a water bottle at your side if you are particularly worried about getting seasick.

It’s also best to eat well, or rather, not go hungry, as an empty stomach is said to not be good for motion sickness too.


2. Get out on the open deck

If you’re cooped up in your cabin with no windows, getting fresh air might be able to make you feel better.


3. Look out into the ocean

If you’re in a room on the boat or ship with a window, look out to the vast open water.

It’s said that if you fixate on the horizon, this can help with the motion sickness you’re feeling.

Otherwise, if you’re in an interior room on a cruise ship, this is another reason that getting out on the open deck can be good for you.


4. Motion sickness patches

On the first day of the cruise, you’ll likely see more than a few people with a white circle sticker thing behind their ear before the cruise ship even leaves port.

That’s a motion sickness patch, and many people have success with it.


5. Motion sickness wristband

This is another thing that you can wear on a cruise that people have had success with.

Motion sickness wristbands are said to work by putting pressure on a certain part of your wrist that helps to combat nausea.


6. Green apples

Green apples are one food that’s said to be able to help with not getting seasick.

On a cruise, the fruit offerings vary, so if you see green apples, maybe snatch up an extra apple or 2 for later!


7. Ginger chews

Ginger is another food that’s said to be good for motion sickness.

If you don’t want to take a whole stalk of ginger with you when you travel 😉 then there are travel-friendly ginger chews, ginger drops, or ginger tablets.


8. Essential oils for seasickness

If you want to make your own blend of essential oils, try one or more of these oils:

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Lavender

These are said to be good for nausea.

Otherwise, If you don’t have these oils to make on your own, there are also special essential oil sticks like this one that you can get that act as a roll-on. You can rub some onto your wrists and smell.

There are also essential oil sticks like this one that work so that you just inhale to take in the smell.


9. Seasickness tablets

And then, there’s always the traditional medicine tablets.

There’s a non-drowsy kind that comes in a travel-friendly tube with ginger.


How to prevent seasickness: On a cruise ship, small boat, fishing boat, ferry, sailboat, deep sea fishing, ocean kayaking. How to not get sea sick or motion sickness.



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