Monkey Temple Jaipur: How to get to monkey temple from Old City to Galta-ji temple. Backpacking Rajasthan, India



Okay, so maybe calling it a SECRET is a bit dramatic.

But it does seem like it’s a bit of a secret to tourists.


You’ve heard that the Monkey Temple in Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.


Monkey Temple Jaipur: Monkey park at galta-ji temple. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


And, knowing about this little (not-so-) secret path opens up your possibilities SO much more.

Okay, maybe that’s also a little dramatic, but I really do think it can be a better way to get to the Monkey Temple!


Well, mainly, it can save time on the road, it can save money, and most importantly, it can give you more flexibility with your ride!

This all can also make it a more convenient option… based on your priorities.



Jaipur map

Let’s take a look at the Jaipur map to get you familiarized with this area.


How to get from Old City to Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple Jaipur: Old City to monkey temple galta-ji. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


For the purpose of this exercise, like say that you’re staying at one of the best hostels in Jaipur in Old City.

Or, let’s say that you’re following this Jaipur itinerary, in which case you will also be coming from Old City.


Now, let’s have a look at the most popular way to get to the Monkey Temple.


Look at this map.

aka long way to get to Monkey Temple.


This is a perfectly fine way of getting there. That’s where the main entry to the Monkey Temple is.


Now look at this map.

aka how to get to Monkey Temple from the back side.


This route just even just LOOKS shorter.

So in comparing both maps, you can see how the popular way to get there seems to completely loop around, whereas the approaching from the back side seems to be more of a straight shot.


You can look at this map to see both points together.


Just looking at this, you may think that the shorter way would be the obvious way to get there…

So then why doesn’t everyone take this route?!


Well, if you don’t like walking, you won’t want to take this route.

That would be the biggest reason.

It is a bit of a walk up a hill to get to the Monkey Temple.


Monkey Temple Jaipur: secret backside road to monkey temple galta-ji. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


Otherwise, if you tell your driver you want to go to the Monkey Temple, then they will take you to the main entrance, because well, I guess that makes sense.

It’s also less walking.


So remember…

Galta Gate

Monkey Temple Jaipur near Galta Gate uber in Jaipur. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


That’s easy to remember… or at least to figure out.

Because the Monkey Temple is actually called the Galta-ji Temple.

So on google maps you’ll just be looking for Galta Gate.


When walking to the Monkey Temple from Galta Gate, you might pass by some monkeys before you get there.


Monkey Temple Jaipur: Monkeys on way to get to galta-ji temple. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


And you can also stop by the Sun Temple.


Monkey Temple Jaipur: Sun Temple monkeys with Jaipur views. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


And, you’ll be treated to views of Jaipur from above!


Monkey Temple Jaipur: On the way to galta-ji temple with Jaipur views. Backpacking Rajasthan, India



It’ll be easier to get an Uber from Galta Gate to get back to Old City

Monkey Temple Jaipur near Galta Gate rickshaw uber in Jaipur. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


Uber can be a GREAT way to get around Jaipur.

But you might not get phone service at the Monkey Temple.

So if you’re just getting dropped off, this can make it difficult to find an Uber when you want to leave.

You can always have your ride wait for you while you check out the temple grounds.

But in the case you just get a drop-off, in order to get back to Old City, you CAN likely find a rickshaw at the entry of the Monkey Temple.

Or if you prefer Uber, you can head down towards Galta Gate where you will get service to be able to call an Uber.

And you’re likely to find more Uber drivers willing to pick you up around the Galta Gate too since it’s closer to the busy parts of Jaipur, compared to driving all the way around to the main entry of the Monkey Temple.


Be sure to see how to spend 3 days in Jaipur and how to spend 2 weeks in Rajasthan!




Monkey Temple Jaipur: Monkeys at galta-ji temple. Backpacking Rajasthan, India


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