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By the time you reach Alleppey, maybe you’re getting to the point where you can use a little bit of Western fix after eating so much Indian food. 😉


Grocery stores in Alleppey to make oatmeal. Guesthouse with kitchen near Alleppey Beach. Kerala, India
Hey oatmeal with ocean views along Alleppey Beach!


There are a couple of supermarkets in Alleppey that you’ll be able to find Western food in case you want to get some food that you’re familiar with from back home.

Or, if you want to make your own India food, it’s a good place to go shopping too!


Grocery stores in Alleppey - Bismi Supermarket. Kerala, India


Just make sure that you stay at a place that will give you access to a kitchen.

This Alleppey Beach hostel has a kitchen.


These are the 2 grocery stores I frequented in town:

  • Bismi Hypermarket
  • More Supermarket


Map of grocery stores in Alleppey

These 2 supermarkets are in town, and you can have a look below at the map of these grocery stores in Alleppey to get a better idea of the location.


Map of grocery stores in Alleppey. Supermarkets. Kerala, India




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