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So when you’re in Kerala and travel to Alleppey, you may see both Alleppey and Alappuzha listed on signs.


Is Alleppey and Alappuzha same? Which is better to say? backpacking kerala india travel blog


Are Alleppey and Alappuzha the same thing?!

Alleppey and Alappuzha are referring to the exact same thing.

Prior to India gaining its independence in 1947, India spent some time being colonized by Europeans.

Alleppey is the English name, and Alappuzha is the local Malayalam name. (Malayalam is the native language of people living in Kerala.)


So which should you call it?

If you’re a foreigner, I say it’s best that you stick with the British version of Alleppey.

This is because I nearly guarantee that if you are a native English speaker, you will not be saying Alappuzha correctly. 😉


How do you say Alappuzha?

The biggest thing is that the ZH in Alappuzha is not actually a Z sound as we know it in English. To me, it sounds like more of a rolling R sound that you say in Spanish. (This is for any ZH you come across in Malayalam.)


If you say it more with a rolling R, then maybe you’ll be fine saying Alappuzha!

I have found that the majority of locals in Kerala will refer to it as Alappuzha. (I’m told that Alappuzha is easier for native Malayalam speakers to say.)

But pretty much any Indian working in the tourism industry will refer to it as Alleppey to a foreigner… likely because it’s recognized that Alleppey is easier for native English speakers to say! 😉


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